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Mobile Ligth Tower
Full height extension 9m
Highly reliable hydraulic masthighly
Easy controlled to adjust the illuminated area
Tower Light Tower


Standard Items GTLT 09F8
Length 3730mm(12'3'')
Width 2820mm(9'3'')
Height 2495mm(8'2'')
Full Extending Height(m/feet) 9mm(29'7')
Gross Weight 1850kg (4043 lb)
Engine Model KD440(KOHLER)
Speed(rpm) 3000/3600
Number of Cylinders 1
Engine Characters 4 cycles, Air-cooled diesel
Combustion System Indirect injection
Engine Aspiration Naturally aspirated
Emission Level Regular (Tier 4 only for option KD420)
Standard Configuration SP10MG(LINZ)
Frequency(Hz) 50/60
Rating Voltage(V, AC) 230(AC)
Alternator Insulation Class H
Alternator Protection Grade IP23
Type of Lights LED
Light's Fixture Rectangle
Luminous Flux 39000 LM/light
Number & Power of Lights 8*300W
Number of  Mast Sections 3
Mast Lifting Hydraulic
Mast Extension Hydraulic
Mast Rotation Hydraulic
Light BarTilt 12VDC Electric linear actuator
Alex with Suspension & Axle with Brakes Standard leaf springs & single axle with mechanical drum brakes
Tow Bar Retractable & adjustable supporting wheel tow bar
Stabilizing Legs & Number 4 pcs Hydraulic retractable legs
Wheel's Rim Size& Tires 16'' rim with off road tires
Tow Adapter 2'' ball adapter
Tail Light Tail light kit
Max Towing Speed 100km/h (62 mph)
Electric Standard and Configuration  Australia electric standard, Australia & Mining configuration
Fuel Tank Type Double wall
Fuel Tank Capacity 80 liters(21 US gallons)
Operating Hours with Full Fuel 88 hours
Hydraulic Components Mining standard hose
Wires & Electric Components IP65
Generator Starting Type or Controller SUNIGHT 002
Runing Indicator of Generator Rotating LED light
Extinguisher Only supply the mounting bracket
Max. against Wind When Fully Extended 22 m/s(50 mph)
Acoustic Pressure 75dB(A) at 7 m(23') away
Standard Colour Optional regular canopy's colour, galvanized masts, tow bar & stabilizing legs
Max. # of Units Loading in  a 40''Container 8

Applicable for
l        Applicable for most of inside and outside place. Asphalt paving, disaster relief, repair and maintenance of water supply, gasoline, tunnels, and mines, waste disposal, parking lot, wharf, civil and military airport, as well as various illuminations for combat readiness.
l        Installed with generator, the light tower works with convenient power supply
l        Night construction condition has been improved to raise working efficiency and speed.

l        Composed by four 1000W Metal halides, have high lumen output, good color rendition and overall lighting, long lamp life.
l        Lamp frame can rotate horizontal and freely, each lamp can vertical adjust lonely.
l        Telescope mast use three section, automatic lift. mast with staleness valve, avoid to drop suddenly. Mast can extend to 7.2 metersheight can be change.
l        Installed with generator, one tank gasoline can last 13 hours. If use city power, it’s long term.
l        Equipped with big tyres and brake system, increasing its capacity to climb and trail to move on uneven road. Big tyres also increase touchdown areas to oppose wind beating.
l        Using waterproof electrical boxes to avoid rain, suit for bad condition
l        To satisfy customer requirement, we can produce this tower according to your requirement, such as lamp quantity, power, mast height, generator etc.

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