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GTBZ 42J parts
GTBZ 42J parts

Platform height 137 ft (41.6 m)
Payload 551 lbs (250 kg) - Unlimited
Payload 1058 lbs (480 kg) - Limited
Working height 143 ft (43.6 m)
Outreach 80 ft (24.38 m)

GTBZ 42J parts



mobile self-propelled telescopic boom lift

42m self-propelled telescopic boom lift
Platform height max.
137 ft  (41.6 m)
Working height max.
143 ft (43.6 m)
Horizontal reach max.
80 ft (24.38 m)
 Length - stowed
43 ft (13.1 m)
 Width - stowed
8 ft 2 in (2.49 m)
 Height - stowed
10 ft (3.05 m)
12 ft 5 in (3.81 m)
Ground clearance
2 ft 1 in (0.65 m)
Platform size (L*W*H)
8 ft*3 ft*3 ft 7 in (2.44 m*0.91 m*1.14 m)
Max. platform occupancy
Lift capacity
551 lbs (250 kg) - Unlimited
1058 lbs (480 kg) - Limited
Turntable rotation
360° continuous
Platform rotation
Drive speed - stowed
0~2.7 mph (0~4.4 km/h)
Drive speed - raised
0~0.7 mph (0~1.1 km/h)
Turning radius - inside
14 ft 3 in (4.37 m)
Turning radius - outside
22 ft 3 in (6.81 m)
Turntable tailswing
5 ft 5 in (1.68 m)
Max. allowable slope
Max. noise on normal use
82 dB(A)
Drive & steer model
4 WD * 4 WS
Tire size / type
385/65 - 22.5 16PR
Power source
Original Cummins/Perkins Engine
Fuel tank capacity
52.83 gal (200 L)
Control voltage
12 VDC
60 KW
Overall weight
49009 lbs (22230 kg)
Standards Compliance

GTBZ42J Telescopic Boom Lift applies to shipbuilding, large steel structure building, construction, civil engineering and advertising industries, etc. This aerial work platform is safe and reliable, designed under concept of durability, solidity and excellent performance to satisfy the need of extremely challenging operating conditions. The maximum grade ability 40% enable the equipment to park and restart on slope without sliding down. Imported USA engine provides strong power to the equipment; Long life foam tire and originally imported PLC for military purpose are adopted, the program can be set and developed as per customized requirements.
    Wide operating range, large load capacity and strong driving force are main characters of Telescopic Boom Lift,which employs innovative technology in designing, so that the product boasts high-level safety, reliability and comfortableness.
  • 1. Wide operating range: 360° full direction operation at the height from 0~143 ft (43.6 m), with a horizontal reach max. by 80 ft (24.38 m).
    2. Large load capacity: The lift capacity is 1058 lbs (480 kg); the platform can hold 3 operators.
    3. Powerful driving force: The engine is of famous international brand, large in power, strong gradeability.
    4. Advanced technology: Self-adaption floating device, fault self-diagnosis technology, self-levelling system, and anti-collision transducer device.
    5. High reliability: The engine, key hydraulic components and electric components are all of international brand, designed in conformity with EN280, AS1418.10 and GB25849.
    6. Good safety: Overload limit and rollover protection system.
    7. Easy maintenance: Swing-out engine, easy to maintain.

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