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GTLT05 CL 1600
GTLT05 CL 1600

Engine 178F
Metal Halide Spotlight
Manually Mast extension
Manually Stabilizing Legs

GTLT05 CL 1600

Standard Items GTLT 05CL 4000 GTLT 05CL 1600
Length 1295mm (4'3'') 1170mm (3'10'')
Width 900mm (2'11½'')
Height 2350mm (7'8'')
Full Extending Height(m/feet) 5.2m (17')
Gross Weight 150kg (330 lb) 136kg (300 lb)
Engine Model CH440(KOHLER) KD225(KOHLER) 178F(CD)
Speed(rpm) 3000/3600
Number of Cylinders 1
Engine Characters 4 cycles, Air-cooled diesel
Combustion System Ignition Direct injection
Engine Aspiration Naturally aspirated
Emission Level Regular
Standard Configuration SPARKS
Frequency(Hz) 50/60
Rating Voltage(V,AC) 230/240-120 VAC
Alternator Insulation Class H
Alternator Protection Grade IP23
Type of Lights Regular metal halide
Light's Fixture Round
Luminous Flux 110000 LM/light 40000 LM/light
Number & Power of Lights 4*1000W 4*400W
Number of Mast Sections 4
Mast Extension Manually
Mast Rotation Not available
Light Tilt Manually
Summary Small & simple wheels without brakes
Stabilizing Legs & Number 4 pcs jacks
Wheel Diameter 10''
Fuel Tank Type Punch forming steel sheet
Fuel Tank Capacity 31 liters (8 US gallons) 38 liters (10 US gallons)
Operating Hours with Full Fuel 4 hours 63 hours
Wires & Electric Components Regular
Generator Controller Manually Key starting
Genrator Canopy Open style with steel pipe frame & top fuel tank Weather proof
Max. against Wind When Fully Extended 10 m/s (23 mph)
Acoustic Pressure 79dB(A) at 7 meters away
Standard Colour Yellow except the stainless or galvanized metal components
Max. # of Units Loading in  a 40' High Container 22 23

1.Applicable for most of inside and outside place. Asphalt paving, disaster relief, repair and maintenance of water supply,gasoline, tunnels, and mines, waste disposal, parking lot, wharf, civil and military airport, as well as various illuminationsfor combat readiness.
2.Night construction condition has been improved to raise working efficiency and speed.

Major Features
1.4-sections telescopic mast can be extended by manual operation;
2.The light tower can be extended to 5.2 meters altitude fully,and its shooting angle can be manually adjusted at the lowest position easily;
3.4 retractable knightheads are able to support stably and reliably even on the rough ground;
4.Main power input industrial socket,enabling mains or other gensets to provide electricity for lighting,reduce unnecessary fuel consumption and noise pollution;
5.The galvanized mast and the powder coated canopy suit the outdoor enviroment for a long time.

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